Spellcastin’ Women’s Rumble is a parody fancomic based off of the doujin game “Scarlet Weather Rhapsody”, one of the many entries in the Touhou Project series of games.

The game itself is a unique fighting game based mainly around projectiles, not very much like your average fighting game. It also, like it’s namesake implies, features gameplay centered around random weather patterns that happen in the middle of matches that can very drastically affect the flow of a battle, which has pretty much cemented this game’s status as a casual or “party” fighter.

I pretty much wanted to do a series based off of this game largely due to the large amount of scenarios for each character’s story modes, which gave a lot of content to spoof; as well as the various mechanics that were, quite frankly, pretty easy to mock. The world of Gensokyo is a large and dynamic one, and each character brings with her a pretty interesting character quirk, canonically or otherwise. Therefore, as a big fan of the series, I felt like this would be the perfect outlet to not only show my appreciation for the games, but also to sharpen my skills a little on creating comic strips and keeping a standard work ethic, heh.

Enjoy your read here, and keep your eyes peeled for various shoutouts to other fighting games, random pop culture, and various musical references that I had the pleasure to experience while writing this comic.

Story and Art by Joe “cookie” Butzow

Original characters by ZUN: http://www16.big.or.jp/~zun/